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Seo Árainn Mhór

Available in Bearla agus Gaeilge

Discover Seo Árainn Mhór, the mobile app for islanders and visitors of Arranmore Island.

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Seo Árainn Mhór

The Seo Árainn Mhór mobile application is an Android and iOS app designed and developed on the island of Arranmore with one purpose:

How do we make it simple for people, islanders and visitors alike, to discover Arranmore?

So, here it is, a mobile app chock-filled with pages from your favourite Co. Donegal island, available in English and Geilge to download now.

We've got pages for all the island's businesses, their times, photos and latest events. From kayaking and cycling to guided tours and traditional music. Search for what you want on the island map, using QR codes or just check the island calendar.

Download the app today whether you're on the island or admiring from afar, you can enjoy the untold stories of the island or share your own!

We hope the Seo Árainn Mhór app answers the questions:

  • Things to do in Arranmore?
  • Where to stay in Arainn Mhor?
  • Places to see on Arranmore Island?

Who We Are?

This app is a result of a joint effort between Arranmore Island's community groups:


What can I do with Seo Árainn Mhór?

Local Essentials

Discover Arranmore Island through its diverse array of local businesses, attractions and amenities


See all the events happening on the island with updates from the people of Arranmore


Listen to stories recorded by islanders and learn about Árainn Mhór's rich history


Search Seo Árainn Mhór to find the information you want, fast!

Up-to-Date Opening Times

Stay informed about when your preferred businesses are open with accurate opening hours


Navigate the island with ease using interactive maps integrated into each business page

Download Now

Download and discover the island of Arranmore. Seo Árainn Mhór is available on Android and iOS devices.

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