Seo Árainn Mhór Poster Generator For Pages

We've added, an experimental poster generator for Seo Árainn Mhór Pages

How To Use The Poster Generator

Just log into your Seo Árainn Mhór account and select the page you wish to get a poster for. Simply click the edit button to view that page:

Select your page

Experimental Feature: Poster Generator

Select the Settings from the side menu - you should then see the button to download your poster. The poster generator button is available next to your QR code.

Poster Button

We've marked the poster generator as experimental for now, just while we're working out any kinks that might exist in the code. There's a lot of different pages on the app - so if your page poster doesn't work 100% - let us know.

Feedback Welcome

While this is a new feeature - if you have any ideas on how we can improve the app or website - please let us know by contacting


Here's a couple of example posters for you to check out:

Ocean Sanctuary Poster


Arranmore United